BMW 123d coupé – my other mistress

In addition to the much-maligned Citroen DS that is currently undergoing some restoration I also have a BMW 123d M-Sport coupé. I bought this car new about 18 months ago after a huge amount of research and indecision. Being a fairly low volume model I ended up having to wait 6 months from the time I ordered it until it was delivered. A very painful experience!


Based on the BMW 1 series hatch, the coupé is slightly longer overall and offers excellent front seat accommodation and adequate back seat accommodation for anyone under 6ft. Mine is the top-spec diesel with a 2.0 litre twin turbo 4-cylinder producing 150kW (204hp) and 400Nm (295lb/ft). It will accelerate to 100kph in around 7 seconds and has a top speed of 250kph, not bad for a 2 litre diesel! The huge amount of torque means that motorway cruising and passing other vehicles is effortless, even on high-speed German autobahns. And yet it uses a small amount of fuel, admittedly more than the claimed 5.2l/100kms, but certainly under 7l/100kms.

I went a little crazy with the options to the detriment of my bank balance. Here are the highlights:

Sedona Red Metallic | Black Boston Leather | Brushed Aluminium Trim | Tinted Windows | M-Sport Package | 6M | Comfort Access | Heated Seats | Professional Navigation | Park Distance Front & Rear | USB | Bluetooth | Voice Control | Rain & Light Sensors | Xenon Lights

Since I’ve had it I’ve circumnavigated most of Germany, most of Italy and most of France and I’ve been all over Belgium and the Netherlands. Immensely enjoyable car to drive. I look forward to hearing others’ experiences of the 123d.

Side view

Rear 3/4

  1. You said: “passing other vehicles is effortless, even on high-speed German autobahns.” LOL. 🙂

    Well, let’s meet there some day. I have been driving on German motorway with two weeks holiday luggages on board. Here is my video:

    Come on the line with me:

    My wife is going to work with it:

    Of course BMW is great car, but it is not the only one. BTW, be careful!!!

  2. Pretty sweet car, Andrew.

    Amazing diesel technology. I had a 2001 E46 330i. The petrol engine produced around 225 hp and back then, I was like- man, that is a lot of power!

    • Diane
    • May 11th, 2010

    I love that you got heated seats!

  1. May 25th, 2010
  2. November 13th, 2010

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