Citroën DS – the saga – VIN & transportation

Today is a holiday in Belgium so I am at home browsing through my Citroën bible, “Original Citroën DS – The Restorer’s Guide to all DS & ID models 1955-75 including saloons, estates and convertibles”. Exciting I know. But trust me, this is the ultimate DS book and it is very hard to find now as it is out of print. I managed to find a copy on eBay in Australia of all places.

It has a handy data section at the back of the book where it lists chassis sequence numbers, paint colours, trim colours, production figures, dimensions and weights by year for each country of production. Based on the chassis number that I have on the sales documentation I have been able to confirm that Brigitte was indeed built in France in 1965 and that her body, roof, and interior colours are all legitimate for that production year. Even better, her unusual hubcaps are correct for a Pallas version from 1965, the first year a Pallas model was produced and the only year those hubcaps were used. So I am feeling more and more confident that it is genuine and original at least.

You’ll remember from the backstory edition that my car was rejected from the DMV when I tried to register it. The reason was that they couldn’t find the VIN or chassis number which they said had to be stamped on the chassis. I’ve just read in my bible that, and I quote, “The numéro de série, or chassis number, is found in the engine bay, riveted to the top left of the bulkhead.”

chassis number

They even provide a picture. I have one of these attached to my car! And I pointed it out to the guys at the DMV but they insisted it had to be stamped on the chassis. Yes well maybe it does today but a French car built 45 years ago could well have been subject to different rules! Idiots. I was very stressed out about that imagining that the VIN had been filed off and I’d bought a stolen car… I’ll take my bible with me next time I go to register it. So I can beat them with it.

So I was feeling good after reading that. Then I got an email from André with the bill for the transportation. 520€! Not feeling so good now. Safe to say if I’d known it was going to be that much I would have taken it myself, however much trouble it was going to be. Note to self, ask how much everything is in future. I guess now I’m committed (or should be…).

Anyway, we have a date tomorrow at 14:00 to go over his plan of what needs doing to rectify everything. Feeling a bit scared. Will report back.

  1. I am probably going to this event during Monterey/Pebble Beach Historics Week:

    They have tons of books and vendors from all around the world are going to be there. If there are any out-of-print Citroen books you want, let me know and I’ll be happy to pick it up for you.

    • That looks really cool. I’m jealous. Be sure and take lots of photos, particularly of the Citroëns of course!

      I also love 50’s American cars and 60’s Mercedes…

      Don’t know of any books that I don’t have but I’ll have a look on the web. Thanks!

  2. Hi there – saw your blog on your Ds.

    I aspire to owning that lovely book that you have.

    I am buying a Ds23 Pallas at the moment.

    I have to put the correct date of manufacture on the government paper work to import the car to Australia.

    could you please look up 7DS42114 and let me know the exact year and month of manufacture, The seller says 73, the former owner says 74.

    Many thanks

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