Citroën DS – the saga – costs and more costs

Just got back from Zeeland where I went to check on the DS and find out how much it’s all going to cost to repair. As I expected, a lot. I’d braced myself to accept 5k€ but it seems it is likely it will be closer to 10k€. The broken axle alone is going to cost nearly 4k€ to repair because of the amount of time required. The most annoying thing is that this could have been prevented if whoever previously did repairs on that had bothered to put all the bolts back in but they didn’t and now I have remaining bolts sheared off which need to be drilled out. All the parts are relatively cheap but it’s the 32 hours labour that kills it.

So anyway, I’ve spent about 10k€ so far on buying the car and various aborted attempts to repair it. Now I’m going to have to spend 4k€ to fix the axle and once that is done and the car is running, André will be able to give a more accurate assessment of what else needs doing. I’m seriously considering cutting my losses because I’m scared that even after the axle is fixed he is then going to find multiple other problems and it’s going to cost even more. My current assessment of 10k€ to fix it would mean I have spent 20k€ on it. It is definitely not worth that much. And I’m not sure I want to keep it after all the trouble it has caused. I’m never going to enjoy driving it as I will always be waiting for it to break down.

So should I sell it as is and cut my losses? In it’s current state I might be able to get 4-5k€ for it I guess… Need to decide asap.

    • Kenny
    • May 16th, 2010

    I would,at least fix the axle. You’re going to make more out of it when it runs. Haven’t you contacted the seller yet? Face him with the facts and see how he reacts. Be agressive (but not too much) and try & get your $ back

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