Citroën Kofferbakverkoop (car boot sale)

Today I went along to a meeting of the Citroën ID/DS Club Nederland. It was a kofferbakverkoop, essentially a swap meet or car boot sale, and it was held in Grubbenvorst in the Netherlands. I wasn’t interested in purchasing any parts. I just wanted to meet a few people from the club and see the cars. There were a few very nice ID and DS models there including 2 Chapron convertibles. Below are a few photos for your viewing pleasure.

Citroën SM and BMW 123d

Old DS and new C6

1964 Citroën ID in perfect state

Citroën DS Chapron!

Citroën DS Chapron rear

Citroën DS Chapron convertible in red

Black DS

Not all the DS's were in such a good state...

It was good to meet with and talk to the members of the club. They have an awful lot of knowledge about these very special and unusual cars. I plan on joining the club and attending future meetings.

  1. Fantastic cars, especially the Chaprons. Any decisions yet on what you’re going to do with your DS?

    • Almost decided. Will certainly repair, just not sure where. Calling someone new tomorrow to determine availability.

    • Kenny
    • May 30th, 2010

    OMG! Do they have ratlooks in the DS-scene too :-O

    • No I don’t think so. That was just a genuinely crapped out DS.

      (Ratlook means cars that are technically perfect but look like crap on the outside – apparently it’s a “look” in the VW Beetle scene…)

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