iPhone 3G upgraded to iOS4 – update

I’ve had the “redsn0w 0.9.5 beta” jailbreak on my iPhone 3G for a few days now so I thought I’d give my impressions. I’ll admit that there is a slight performance reduction but only on some functions and on balance I still think having the multi-tasking is well worth it. Strangely, the 2 functions that seem to suffer the most performance anxiety are the iPod and Phone functions. Opening iPod takes slightly longer than before and it demonstrates some reluctance to start playing with a hint of lag. Phone also has a bit of lag that it didn’t display before, taking some extra time when ending a call before it reverts back to the previous function. Allowing phone to remain open in the multitasking quicklaunch window affects performance the most so I just make sure I close it when I’ve finished my phone call. I don’t actually use my iPhone for making phone calls that often if I’m honest…

Other than this occasional lag I’ve found the performance to be much the same if not better than before. When you are in an application everything still works smoothly and instantly. And since yesterday the Facebook app has been updated to fully support multitasking which means that it is instantly available. Given that this was quite a slow loading app before multitasking that is definitely a win. I refer to Facebook quite a lot during the day… sad I know. Flicking to Twitter, Mail or Safari is also smooth and instant. My most used apps are Mail, Safari, Twitter, and Facebook and I tend to leave them open all the time. Other apps that I use occasionally such as Phone or iPod I will generally close afterwards to reduce the load on the processor. One does have to accept that the 3G wasn’t designed for this and some accommodations must be made.

So in summary, yes there is some small performance reduction in a few areas but on balance the multitasking is worthwhile. And I will be saving a lot of time because I no longer have to wait for Facebook to load!

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